You are currently viewing 06/01/2021 “Blue Whale” has opened their fifth Taiwan store, located in the famous Windy City!

06/01/2021 “Blue Whale” has opened their fifth Taiwan store, located in the famous Windy City!

Blue Whale, a dinstinctly Taiwanese brand, has been providing professional sound insulation for 38 years, helping customers to take care of theiry families.

▲ The reception desk on the 1st floor exhibits works contributed by Chin Ching-fen, the person in charge of Yi Fang Gallery.


“Blue Whale’s direct sales outlets have been operating in Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung for a long time. In 2020, we decided to set up in Hsinchu, Taiwan’s famous Windy City. Our Hsinchu store opened in January 2021.”

Just before the pandemic hit, Blue Whale decided to set up shop in Hsinchu to help solve the long-term noise problems for local residents.

Covid-19 swept the world immediately after the start of construction, butBlue Whale decided to move forward with the project. We were able to maintain good revenue due to the joint efforts of the whole company and the support of our global customers. There are also many Hsinchu customers who have supported us and helped us along the way.

Blue Whale has confidently entered the famous Windy City!

Elegant storefront combined with Taiwanese art, a new arrival in the Windy City.

The planning, venue and decorations of the Hsinchu store were very influenced by feedback from guests who had visited our other stores in the past.

The decorations are more intimate, the walls are covered with works from the local art gallery Yi Fang, exhibiting various styles of art. The theme is: “Say goodbye to the bitterness of the past year, and look forward to 2021.”

The exhibition space has a ceiling height of 8 meters, and is divided into 1st and 2nd floors, which can display nearly 40 door products, and a full range of soundproof windows. There is also a soundproofing testing area, a door lock display, and a product information display for each series of products. Every customer in the store can effectively and pleasantly find what they need.

▲ The exhibition area on the 2nd floor is decorarated with works from Taiwanese artist Wu Xiao-ying.

“Blue Whale’s product development has always revolved around beauty, safety, and family atmosphere. These are not just cold products, but also multi-functional and attractive handicrafts. Taiwan has such a mature production technology. I am very proud! I will continue to invest in and serve Taiwan, and so will Blue Whale!”- Leo Lin, Blue Whale’s general manager.

▲ Opening Speech by Blue Whale’s General Manager Leo Lin

▲ Blue Whale General Manager-Leo Lin and the classic works of Blue WhaleHubo bronze doorsWinners of the Golden Pin Design Award

On January 6, 2021, the launch party was held at the store in Hsinchu, and 2021’s new products were announced. Blue Whale’s brand operation manager Lin Yi-ting helped the guests present understand that doors and windows are no longer just tools for opening and closing spaces. Lin explained the details of the door products, including the design and application of surface materials, the exclusive V-cut design of the door frame, and the barrier-free space created by the hidden threshold. The most important thing is that each Blue Whale door is the result of exclusive research and development. The sound insulation structures can be configured to various grades according to different family needs.

In the soundproofing testing area, 100 decibels of music was played, and then the soundproofed door to the area with the sound source was closed. The resulting environment was unexpectedly calm and quiet, and we were able to chat freely.

▲ Blue Whale Operations Manager-Lin Yiting and Blue Whale|2021 New Collection Collection Cloud|May we all soar above the clouds in 2021!


“New product in 2021-Test the quietness, integrate five teams to meet customized space planning”

A lot of audio fans gathered at the opening site to learn about Blue Whale’s latest Soundproofing Tesing Area.

The Hsinchu store integrates all entertainment needs, audio, environmental control, sound insulation engineering, and situational design.

Guests who love a smart environment can have a convenient life, and those who love audio can have a top quality audio experience.

Construction companies and designers can even request special productpackages through Blue Whale, which are under warrantee.They no longer have to worry about disputes and follow-up warranty issues related to sound insulation planning.

“Blue Whale has its own door production factory, thanks to our dedicated and hard-working technicians.”


Blue Whale’s success is rooted in technology, repeated aesthetic inspirations to today, and special technology.

Say goodbye to traditional concepts. Our metalworkers are not only technically skilled, but are also polite gentlemen.

We are also proud to teach these special techniques to our younger staff, so that Blue Whale’s exclusive technology can be passed on from generation to generation.

Blue Whale Door Production Factory – Director Zhong Yuejin (right) and General Manager Leo Lin (left).

▲ Brand Marketing Manager Liz, Blue Whale Technology Development Leader Diff, Blue Whale General Manager Leo Lin (from left to right).


At the party we all had a nice chat about lots of different things.

▲ Blue Whale General Manager Leo, Blue Whale Brand Operation Manager Boa, Blue Whale Brand Marketing Manager Liz (from left to right)

▲ 06/01/2021 ribbon-cutting ceremony

▲ Group photo of direct sales store supervisors