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【H4 Lake Ripple Bronze】Mansion-Yilan

The design of the Lake Wave Bronze Sculpture Door originated from the scenery of Swallow Lake near the Beiwu highway in Wulai. When the autumn wind blows, it creates gentle ripples on the lake surface. This is full of the feeling of autumn. Awarded the 2012 Golden Pin Design Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the surface copper sculpture is weather-resistant, durable, and has an attractive, naturally forming patina, showing the door’s extravagance and classical style. But the stainless steel that forms the structure of the door will never rust. With the Italian-designed handle and double airtight structure, the living room is warm in winter. The door’s indoor surface wood grain can be matched with your living room decoration to enhance the overall aesthetics of your living environment. This door is also convenient for elders to use as they come and go.

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