190 Type Hotel Fireproof Door


190 Type Hotel Fireproof Door

For Hotel · B&B

This door conforms to the overall hotel door design and has sound insulation, fire prevention, and smoke shielding functions. With the 190, soundproof door design is no longer fixed. The door’s surface material can be adapted to the overall design of the hotel to match its interior decoration.


  • Designed specifically for hotels, the door leaf is made of steel and has a thickness of 5.4 cm. Blue Whale’s patented double airtight structure can reduce noise by about 40 decibels, on average.
  • Blue Whale combines customized services with professional engineering methods.
  • Our door shape is not fixed and there is a free choice of surface materials to match your interior decoration, so you can create a home atmosphere full of art and beauty.
  • Double-sided surface material can be matched with wood grain, artificial leather (PVC), and other materials.
  • Interior designers may provide their own surface materials, or Blue Whale can provide a bare door structure allowing designers to finish the door on their own.
  • Door locks should be purchased by the owner themselves, in conjunction with the hotel’s security system. Blue Whale will assist with punching the door leaf to accommodate lock installation.
  • EPDM rubber strips are used.

* Accept a single order

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