B&B Soundproof Door


B&B Soundproof Door

For B&B

The door’s surface material can be adapted to the overall design of the B&B to match its interior decoration. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep without being bothered by noise from other people. You are free to choose the surface material to match your interior decoration. Create your own personal style.


  • Designed specifically for B&B, the door leaf is made of steel and has a thickness of 4 cm. Blue Whale’s patented double airtight structure can reduce noise by about 35 decibels, on average.
  • Blue Whale combines customized services with professional engineering methods. Our door shape is not fixed and there is a free choice of surface materials to match your interior decoration, so you can create a home atmosphere full of art and beauty.
  • Double-sided surface material can be matched with wood grain steel plate.
  • No threshold gap, so there’s excellent sound insulation, smoke prevention, and mosquitoes can’t enter. And you don’t need to worry about tripping on the door.


  • The door leaf is made of steel and has a thickness of 4 cm.
  • EPDM rubber strips are used.

* Accept a single order

Standard Single door size W90*H210     USD$1,700
Custom Single door size W85-103*H220   USD$1,800

Other Sizes ( Please Contact Customer Service Directly )
LINE@ ID:@zre1209q

* The above price does not include shipping, tariffs, measurement and installation services.
* Accept credit card and transfer payment.



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* Remittance Account:Land Bank of Taiwan-Xindian Branch 005 0614
* Swift Code:LBOTTWTP061
* Account Holder’s Name:Blue Whale International Technology Co., Ltd.
* Account Number:061 001 097 583 

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