H4 Florence


H-4  Florence

“Art is life, life is art”
This product was jointly created by well-known Taiwanese oil painter Wu Yuchang and the Blue Whale design team. This design was conceived when Blue Whale’s founder took a walk on an ancient road in Florence, Italy. In a studio, he saw a beautiful frame for a painting. This gave him the inspiration for a new door idea, which he communicated to the design team after returning to Taiwan.

Later on, he traveled to France to visit a well-known oil painter, Mr. Wu Yuchang. They collaborated on using some of Mr. Wu’s paintings in the door design. The result is the Florence door. It is the crystallization of craftsmanship and art, and symbolizes the spirit of creativity.
The front is made of titanium-silver silk brocade that encircles the real oil paintings like a picture frame. The paintings themselves are preserved in a moisture-proof casing, giving a subtle, low-key reflective effect, and the door has classical Italian handles in the European style.

  • Our airtight sound insulation structure can reduce noise by 40 decibels, and it also saves electricity by keeping warmth in during the winter and cool air in during summer.
  • Passed 60A fireproof and smokeproof structure test: the door is fire resistant for one hour, so you can wait indoors for rescue in absolute safety.

H4 Florence  

Single door size W85-103*H220                       USD$21,200

Double door size W170-200*H230                   USD$37,000

Other Sizes ( Please Contact Customer Service Directly )
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* Accept credit card and transfer payment.



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