Type 180 A Soundproof Door


Suitable for: Machine Rooms, Side Doors, or Music Classrooms

Type 180 A Soundproof Door

Standard size W99*H208/226      USD$2,400

Custom size W85-103*H220        USD$2,600

Other Sizes ( Please Contact Customer Service Directly )
LINE@ ID:@zre1209q

  • Front and back panels: Leather-grained steel plate (dozens of paint colors available)
    or teak, kassod, walnut wood (four paint colors available).
  • Door lock and handle: Japanese-made H56VX pressure handle.
  • Soundproofing: Double airtight structure reduces noise by 53 decibels.
  • Threshold: Stainless steel
  • Door frame and leaf: Grained galvanized steel with matching or painted frame.


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